Using the High-Value Care Culture Survey (HVCCS)

The entire HVCCS is available online as supplemental material in our main manuscript. We also provide a Qualtrics® survey link below to view the questions in a sample online format. The survey is completely de-identified and we do not collect any demographic data.  You may take the survey online using the link below, but we are unable to provide data to individuals or institutions.

Take the survey now.

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How can results from the HVCCS be used for improvement?

Here are some example actions to take when issues are identified in domains of the HVCCS after your institution takes the survey:

  • If a training program reports issues with culture and communication, they could add formal training or use standardized patients
  • A division that reports issues with blame could implement trainings and open communication about how mistakes will be handled going forward
  • If an institution reports on poor access to cost information and data the division could identify the top 30 ordered outpatient diagnostics and therapeutics to provide relative costs to providers